'a wanderer at heart, Sumera has traveled all her life. she has spent these past years alternating between Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon and London, gaining an understanding of the industry and her own creativity as well as developing her own sound.

the desire to understand her restless soul and dissect the different layers of her nature, has led Sumera to unfold the stories of her life. now, writing and performing have become her most immediate relief.

both self-contained and wild, Sumera has used Berlin’s pulse and atmosphere as the backdrop for her latest work. using the melancholy and yearning of this city’s lonely nights as inspiration, her songs have become more intimate and personal than ever.

Sumera’s heritage is Caribbean, Colombian and Portuguese. She is heavily influenced by the art of fado, Amalia Rodrigues, Björk and Kate Bush. Sumera spends most of her time writing in the studio, unfolding curiosities or getting burned by devotion to fuel her inspiration.'